My name is Phil A Thompson. I live in a van, somewhere in Europe with my lovely girlfriend, Claudi and our dog, Colin.

I love coding, snowboarding, running, making things, learning, gaming, reading, making music, sci-fi movies.

What I do

I've been writing website applications professionally since 2000.

I help companies deliver the next killer website or service, music platform or marketing tool. I mostly develop in Ruby and Ruby on Rails but as sites become more and more dynamic, JavaScript and associated frameworks have featured more in my work.

I want to take what I've learnt developing applications and apply it to making a game (or several, in fact).

About this blog

In order to be accountable, get feedback and hopefully learn by teaching I'm going to document my progress for all to see.

I'm going to post every couple of weeks with my progress and anything I've found useful along the way. I will also gradually introduce some of the key concepts in the game, the technology used and the challenges I face and have overcome.

The game is called Matter but this probably won't be the first game I release.